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Mrs. Karyu(ALS patient) living  in Saiki city made this picture
to her friends Mr Nishida(ALS patient) living in same city 
for his discharge from hospital and beginning HMV 
It written" Kampai(dry the cup) our beer for the success of your discharge"

In Oita Kyowa Hospital, I have engaged in the medical care for serious disability disease patients especially ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). I want to show the medical care for that patients by our hospital and their daily life at home with mechanical ventilation, in this page. 

ALS is a very serious disease, the patients can not move not only all over their body, arm and leg but also breath or take a meal. If the patient in progress stage want to live for future, he must get a ventilator and all of time breathing by using that machine. 

Our Oita Kyowa Hospital had done the medical care for that ALS patients since 1991. At first we had established a safety methods of long term ventilation (we called High Volume Ventilation) and second we support them living at home with using ventilator.
Now there are over 18 patients we do medical care in that serious disability disease (ALS, SCD, OPLL) and over 15 patiets of them already live in home. Our support style by our hospital is the visiting medical care by doctor (1/week), visiting nursing (3-6/week) and home help service (every days).

( sorry, some contents written in Japanese only. please look the graphics )

Dr Yamamoto's Advocacy 

Mr.N visit his homeland with ventilator(in English)

Mrs. Karyu's post cards(in English)

Report the alarm system made by Tokunaga Life Care for the distant  alarm of mechanical ventilator

Visit the HMV patients in Oita by the chief manager of Japan ALS association (Photo Albums) (in English)

Dangerousness of gastromy tube form a gastric ulcer

Auto intra trachial sputums collecter for long term mechanical ventilation 


a testimony by the member of 731 unit of Japan Army in Mansyu (North-East area of China)

There was a patient I cared who was a member of 731 unit (for Bio Chemical forces, so called ISHII Unit) at the World War 2. This is the testimony of him at the time of war in Mansyu (North-East area of China). It was interviewed  at September 1991, in Oita Kyowa Hospital.

the memory of fight against the Japanese Government, pneumoconiosis form a lung cancer

It is evident pneumoconiosis patients also get a lung cancer. But in Japan, the Government may not certificate a lung cancer among pneumoconiosis patients. This is the report for the patient, his family, lawyers, doctors, mathematician against the Government. written in 1994-1996.


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